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MoeGottaKnow –  is one of the topmost restaurants. They had started their service with a single restaurant and now they had a franchise of more than 700. All types of mouth-watering fast food and drinks are available in the restaurant. It


They had announced that they are going to conduct a survey which is associated with their service. The winners will get a discount of $2 on their next visit.

What Is Your Role As A Customer?

The customer should participate in the survey. Participation helps you to come close to each other. So MoeGottaKnow is offering the survey. The survey helps you to have a cordial relationship. You can share whatever you have in your mind. The restaurant team will listen to all your complaints, and from next time, they will try to improve their service. So, this is the opportunity where you can share your experience. Moreover, the survey will help you to gain $2 off on your next visit if you are the lucky winner.

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What Are The Prerequisites For The Survey?

The survey needs only a few things for participating smoothly.

  • A desktop, laptop, smartphone or a tablet is needed. You need either of any of these devices.
  • The survey will take place in English or Spanish. So your fundamental knowledge is mandatory in the survey.
  • The important thing is the code of redemption. Without it, you could not participate.
  • You should provide your phone number and your email address.

What Are The Questions That You Might Face?

There are various questions which you might face. We are giving you a list so that you can get an idea.

  • You might be asked about the behavior of the staff.
  • MoeGottaKnow wants to know whether you are satisfied with the service or not.
  • What changes do you want in the service of Moe Gotta?
  • What is the awful and decent thing about the restaurant?
  • Will you like to visit our restaurant in future?
  • Would you like to recommend your friends or families to visit here?
  • For how long are you a member of this restaurant?
  • What modifications are mandatory in the restaurant?
  • Are they providing you with the best service?
  • Why did you like to visit Moe Gotta?
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What Are The Eligibility Criteria For The Survey?

  • The candidates should be more than 18 years of age.
  • If you are the relatives of MoeGottaKnow, then you should not be eligible to participate.
  • Those who belong from the USA or Canada, only they are eligible to participate.
  • You need to provide any of your identity cards, it may be driving licence, passport, etc.

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How Can You Participate In The Survey?

Follow the step-by-step process to participate.

  • First, visit the official website
  • You will get an option to enter the code of redemption.
  • After entering the code, you will get a bunch of questions.
  • Start to answer the question. All the questions are mandatory.
  • You should keep in mind that your participation will help them to grow and develop their service.

It is the entire process, by which you can you enter in the survey. Follow all the guidelines and participate.

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MoeGottaKnow is a renowned restaurant. People appreciate the quality of the food. So, this survey is offering you the chance to get off $2 on your next visit. So, don’t delay, and start participating in the survey.

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